The ol' dead horse


For better or worse, it is done. I did the Mototune suggested break in (gradually increasing throttle/rpms over the first 20 miles). I really liked what they had to say, and I used a very similar procedure on my 1216 oil cooled engine, and it has fantastic leakdown test results after a lot of hard use.

As I watched the golden oil drain out of the bike at only 20 miles, I was thinking that this post would end up slamming the procedure, crying foul for wasting perfectly good oil and a filter. But as I took a close look at the contents of the oil (I drained it into a pristine pan), I am very glad that I changed it at 20 miles. To be fair, without a proper analysis of the contents, it's all speculation about what's in it (metal, clutch debris, etc), but the bottom line is: It's not in the engine anymore, nothing but good ol' plain 10 w 40.

I guess the end results won't be known until the engine is disassembled and inspected (should the need for more grunt arise). It's been stated before that people want reinforcement that the procedure/mod that they just did was "the right thing to do", etc., but that's not what I am after. If I ever tear it down, I will definitely share what I find with you folks. But that's way off.....

I wanted to babble incoherently about how absolutely stunning the bike performs and looks - but you guys (and gals) already know this. It's handling was a pleasant surprise (I think it turns in quicker than my TL - with that factory steering damper on it). As I took it out on it's maiden voyage (flight?) the thought just kept coming back to me that this is the bike I have been looking for - It's the perfect match for me.

I have babbled enough, but let me thank you for all of the great information so far!!!

- Chris




You and I are essentially at the same point of ownership:  The "under fifty" crowd.  (Fifty miles on the odo, that is)

I'm at 33 miles, and the dealer said to come in and have it's first service at 400 miles.  I'm thinking real hard about changing the oil myself long before then.  Like at 100 miles.

Was the oil change hard to do? What'd you see in the oil when you drained it? Lots of tiny metal specks?


Yep... a fine metallic sheen throughout. Like I said though, who knows what it was (hopefully not cylinder plating).

As of this afternoon, she has 150 miles... by the end of the weekend I ought to be doing my 500 mile oil change.


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Dead horse? More like dead Donkey by now. Keep it clean and make an oil change at 400/500 is a good idea.

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I finally talked to my mechanic about his final word about break in.  Take it easy until after the first oil change then ride it like you stole it.

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