The Moto GP Movie "Faster"


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I was wondering if anyone has seen this yet it is playing again here they had the premiere during the races in July???.

Just want to know if I should pay the extra and take the time to see it on IMAX?

"Faster" the MOTO GP Movie

I dunno but how could you go wrong? It's all about MotoGP, not a lot of drama, good filmography (I think) should be worth it...
Where are they showing it in IMAX? I would love to see it in an IMAX theatre. I have it on DVD and it is pretty awesome, goes into the ins and outs of MOTOGP, definitely worth seeing if you can.

try this and order your own copy
This is the newer version with added footage and with updates from last season.

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Ouch.............that looks like a great movie.................speed, baby, speeeeed!!!!
I found it on the net and downloaded it but it seems the sound is off or something
or there were supposed to be subtitles
i see people talking but the words arent in sync or something