The girls next door

These girls literaly make me want to hurl! They let this old wrinkled F*** teabag 'em and handle his wet noodle D*** so they can ride around in limo's and party 24/7. PIGS! The best part is they ask them what their parents think and they answer " oh, they think it's wonderful!" WTF??? Not much different from the ho's downtown in my opinion. Good thing for Hef he can dig up 3 blondes with t*ts instead of brains.
"Not much different?" Hell...NO different in my opinion. He might not be paying cash, but he's paying for it and they're selling it. I'm sick of idiot girls gold digging rich guys just to end up being trophy wives. This country has become overrun with stupid Paris Hilton clones. Kill 'em all.

Oh...and those "designer" sunglasses that make you look like a giant insect...please please PLEASE for the love of all that is holy will you STOP wearing those things before I punch them off of your face? I know you think they make you look all chic and avant garde, but really they make you look like an idiot.
i love how pissed everyone gets at three blondes that found a way to make more money in one t.v. season than everybody who's posted in this thread combined.

dont hate the playaz, fellas-hate the game

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