The first dry, sunny weekend in months...


I was headed to work and some jackass pulled out in front of me.  I swerved to the right to try to get behind them.  Not sure, but I may have hit the curb.  The bike ended up falling on the left side and I remember thinking "Get your leg out" I pushed away from the bike and slid for a bit while I watched the bike tunble end over end.  I remember getting on my feet while still sliding and running the last few feet.  Dude in the car never stopped though in all fairness, they might not have ever seen me and if their stereo was on they might not have heard the bike tumbling right behind them.  

I'm pretty sure my ride is totaled.  All the plastics are scraped up.  The right side has several large cracks.  The stator cover exploded and the stator is crushed in.  The front wheel is dented.  Right side handle bar and brake lever, both mirrors, windscreen, headlight assembly, and exhaust are all trashed.  

The good news: I think the frame, forks, and motor are all OK.  If the insurance company totals the bike, I'll have a winter project and maybe a custom painted 'busa for next spring.

I know I'm 'preaching to the choir' for the most part here, but I can't stress enough that my safety gear really saved my a$$ on this one.  I was just going a few miles down the road and it would have been easy to have gotten lazy about putting on the gear.  If I'd been riding in a t-shirt I would be in the ER right now getting prepped for skin grafts.
Sorry to hear about your crash, and wish you well on the rebuild. Glad to hear your body fared OK on this one, the bike is replaceable.

Just got on the forum today from work moments ago, and read Thunderpants post on his crash, then when I went back to General, there yours was.....and now I must admit, I am headed to Cycle Gear immediatly after work today to finally get me a riding jacket, I have a heavy leather one that will be fine when it gets cold here in N Texas, but have been putting off getting me a summer one since getting my bike. I have been too lucky too long already riding with a friggin' T-Shirt, always wear a helmet and boots, gloves, but no real protection for my body.

Wish everyone a speedy recovery.

I am finally giving in to shelling out the $$ to get me a decent riding jacket TODAY !! Just sorry that it took you two's posts to get me there.
glad you are ok
how fast do you think you were going?(just curious as to what kind of slide that mesh jacket was able to withstand;thought about getting one but i was unsure about what they could handle)
that sucks!! I hate when bikes(and their riders) get hurt as aresult of ignorant drivers! how fast were you going, I have the same jacket and I have been curious as to how it will fare in the unplesantness that is a crash.
glad you are ok
how fast do you think you were going?(just curious as to what kind of slide that mesh jacket was able to withstand;thought about getting one but i was unsure about what they could handle)

bsrigley good to hear that you are mostly ok. Tough luck about the Busa.
I came off at 70mph wearing the same jacket. My jacket was actually reusable. basicly it just lost one of the plastic Joe Rocket tags and roughed up some of the mesh. How ever I did not slide I rolled/ tumbled.
Hey BSR, Sorry to hear this man.  Good tip on the gear as well.  Do you know how fast you were going when you hit?  Looks like the JR Ballistic is destroyed but that it may have done it's job.  

Damn good work on walking away man...

OOPS sorry this question has been answered...sorry Bro...

Sorry to hear about your ride, man! I like your positive attitude. Good luck with getting your machine back together. Let the group know if you need any parts.

Dude, I'm glad you are OK. That equipment has really done its job for ya. Worth its weight in gold.

It blows that the cager didn't see you or even stop to offer help if nothing else. I'm sure you have plenty to worry about now, but I hope you got the license plate of that guy.
Thanks all for the kind words.

I would guess that I was going about 50mph when my body hit the pavement.  The JR jacket definitly did its job this time.  One thing I'd like to point out since many of us use this jacket in the summer: The outer shell and pads were completely shredded but the inner pads held.  I took the inner pads out once before when it was hot outside but am really glad they were there today.

A buddy of mine works at a carbon-fibre shop and we have been semi-seriously talking about making a complete CF Hayabusa body.  I would have a really unique ride, + maybe I can sell enough CF body parts to make a few dollars out of this bad experience.   :D
Damn Ben...I'm so sorry to hear about this...

I know you were crushed when you realized what was about to happen. I'm so glad you were wearing your gear, and from the looks of that jacket, your shoulder would have been very damaged without it!

I was wondering where you'd disappeared helped so much with that info on the dealership in C-Ville, but I ended up heading to NC for my bike...thanks for your help either way...

Glad you're okay, so sorry about your Busa, but some work will bring her back to life and you may very well end up with something that no one's ever seen if you go with the CF idea...good luck with your new project; look at it as something to do this winter ;)
Thanks Michelle. I was just reading your thread about your tip over. I'd gladly give you my left side fairing if it wasn't all messed up! sigh... :tounge:
Dang! Glad yer ok! I really need to get me a good riding jacket. I've got a good helmet and great gloves. Just no jacket yet. I need to get off my arse and get one!

Oh, and NickSlick beat ya to the CF busa thing. It'll still be super schweet but not one of a kind. ;)
sorry man...this sucks when it happens to good people .

I fuggin hate it....

Glad the joe rockies stood up...I have them aswell,I call them my 100k stuff(60-70 mph max) .

If that front wheel is dented,means you hit the curb,check them forks fer straightness b4 slappin her all back together. A frame chec wouldn't hurt either if there's someone competant close by.

Also chec that motor out real well before doin ANY rebuilding,funny things can happen to a sled when its allowed to run on its side . Dont toss all yer $ into a bike with a bad motor.

GLAD YER WALKIN' AN' TALKIN'....if you need anything,and I can help....just blast me...

hav a good 1........if ya can....RSD.
:rock: Glad to hear your body came though, I wear the same jacket..hope yer Busa gets fixed up
Dammit....when this happens..gotta go slower when traffic abounds.....assume always that it could happen here....or there...being way on the ball is the only way to survive..but not allways.
Luck helps, but don't count on it...ride well gang..Pace.
Sorry about what happened. Similar thing happened to me recently. It has been a major pain trying to get my busa up and running again, but keep reminding myself that I should be thankful I was wearing my leathers.
Heck, its been two weeks just waiting for a new stator cover gasket to come in.
Hope your repairs get you back on quickly.
Glad your okay. The gear for sure saved your @$$. Your bike really didnt look that bad though. I mean it is bad and all but i dont think it would be totalled. Well later.