The Fates stepped in

I was out riding with a few friends on Fri night here in NYC. We were doing about 80mph with traffic on the Belt pkwy. Up ahead there was a couple of those ricer a-holes playing tag in traffic. About 10 sec later something small goes sliding across the road in front of me. I move over a little and avoid it no problem. Then I notice the rest of the guys moving over to the shoulder so I do the same. It turns out that the object sliding across the road was my friends right mirror. We looked over the bike and all continued on our way. About 3/4 mile down the road we come around the bend and see the accident those ricers caused. There was parts everywhere. One car was totaled, 2 more cars were in the grass and there was oil and antifreeze all over the road. If my friends mirror didnt fall off we would have been right behind them when this happened and who knows what might have happened.
So you guys were all safe (minus a mirror anyway) and a bunch of ricers got their little chitboxes all bashed in.

All in all, that's a pretty good day!
I'm glad all of you guys are ok. I think next summer when I'm off for work I am gonna just go out on a really long ride. Would love to head up to the NY and do some riding. I have been wanting to go to New York for a couple of years.
I am glad you guys are all OK. I have that prob some times when I am traveling through Michigan, there are ares on I-96 or I-94 or I-275 that cruise at 85-90.


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I just keep on cruising around like the old bastard I am! Trying to keep her upright and trying to get home safe to my family each and every time I ride! Squids suck! ???

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