The Exotic Wash Car, Bike & Truck Show


Hey guys,

Just wanted to give the Mid-A Busa guys a heads up about this Car, Bike and Truck event!



Car, Bike & Truck Show: Saturday, July 26 2008
With an informal "Meet/Cruise-in"￾ attitude, hundreds will show off their Cars, Bikes and Trucks without the pressures of judged competition.

The Zero To Sexy Bikini Wash Show
Come and watch our Sexy Models pair up with 10 of the Hottest Exotic & Performance vehicles in the DMV area at the ZTS Exotic Wash Show!  

Exotic Wash Raffle
4 lucky raffle ticket holders will win featured vehicle spots and have an Exotic Wash performed on their rides by our beautiful models during the show "“ this is your chance to get the best pictures you will ever have of your ride!

Autocross after Dark
Sponsored by the BMW Car Club of America: Registration for the "ËœAutocross after Dark' is now open! Only a limited number of slots are available, so register online NOW to reserve your spot at the event!

Motorcycle Stunt Shows
Performed all Night by the Adrenaline Motorcycle Stunt Crew!

Onsite Bike Dyno & Tuning
Registration for Dyno Runs and Tuning is now open, and is very limited. Register online and reserve your spot ASAP!

Xtreme Wheelie Machine
Try your hand at performing wheelies on a real motorcycle on our Extreme Wheelie Machine!

Photography & Video Teams
Interactive Model Teams will be taking pix and video with your rides all night long.

Live Music & DJ's

Food "“ Beverages "“ Alcohol

Check out for more detailed show info!


Hey - not so much a sales call as it is an invitate =) Seriously, I've been Lurking as I'm just now starting to get into the bike scene. I'm just laying low, trying to learn as much as I can about bikes, and the scene in general. Would like to pull the trigger soon, just have to work up the balls as I've seen allot of guys lay down thier bikes. Will be headed to a huge lot tomorrow to ride a buddies bike - will be my first time so I'm pretty excited!


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not a big fan of "ride in" events that advertise alcohol myself... nothing against a few drinks but mixed with bikes, I get a bad feeling..


not a big fan of "ride in" events that advertise alcohol myself... nothing against a few drinks but mixed with bikes, I get a bad feeling..
I hear the concern! So far, we've never had an issue at one of our events - been pretty fortunate to always attract a chill, mature crowd. We'll strive to keep that track record going!

In addition to asking the crowd to drink responsibly, the venue and show staff are taking extra measures to ensure both during the event. The head of security at Rosecroft (former head of security at Fed-Ex Field)has drawn out the plans with security being bolstered with additional officers and CSC Security contractors in addition to the numerous officers usually kept onsite to ensure everyones bodily and property safety throughout the event.

With that being said - it should be a good time for those interested in hanging out with a few buddies over some Bikes & cars while mixing it up with some hotties at an interesting event!


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First, if you are here to contribute to the Org welcome, now, I don't mean to sound negative but a few things worth mentioning...I know the MA area is BIG on MC's lord knows I belong to one, but I think I would speak for many in informing you that this is not the place to advertise these types of events. You state you don't ride, but it seems you're heavily and closely involved with this "event", and as much as we welcome new members, we would request that you keep it cordial, respectfull and safe..the mere mention of combining the 2 (drinking and riding) is enough to send a bad tone to the responsible people who congregate here.

Also, there ARE rules for advertising, please read the information provided to new members and try to respect those venues as they are there for a with that said, if your intent is just to learn, meet some GREAT people, expand your knowledge of our passion then welcome, have a seat and stay a while..

By the way, I am NOT the owner, NOT an Admin either...but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night

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