The Dragon


Lets see if this will work now.

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Hey Looky There, Knee sliders that look as good as the day they were purchased...Not a scratch nor dent on em'!

Just playing...Those are on there with Velcro right?

Shirts look real good, I gotta get me a couple...
Yep, the knee sliders are virginal. I don't have the cajones to put them down yet. They are the velcro kind. Now that I can put the pics up, I'll post a couple more when I get to work tomorrow. Dial up here sucks, so it would take me half the night. In the picture, left to right it is me, TNJ and Pure Ego.
Glad to see ya made it, we were wondering when ya didn't post the other night. It was a fun day.
Cool pic Guy's...Is guess we can thank the Captain..yup!!
Laguna is gonna be a wonderful mindbender...pictorial...
Are you guys part of the regular gang or are you virgins? I've been through the dragon on many occasions and you can feel it's weight. redline, countersteer,redline, countersteer. Great fun but I rarely get it out of 2nd. Beautiful area. Todd
I was a dragon virgin. It was so much fun, I can't wait to go back. I think my wife described it the best. She said it was basically an amusement park for sportbikes. Good analogy. I only got out of second gear a couple of times, but it was right back in second at the next turn.
I think Bryan (Pure Ego) made it a point to not be fussed at for not having the "Shirt" in the pic this time, Still laughing!!!
Yep, the knee sliders are virginal. I don't have the cajones to put them down yet. They are the velcro kind... [/QUOTE]
Hey Just wanted to say again, cool picture, I'm just playin with you regarding the Virgin sliders, I am trapped in the land of NO Hills, few twisties, so it's not like my knee's have seen asphalt themselves. Hey, would've been worse if you were out in your garage with the belt sander...

As for the cajones? Man your riding a busa on the street. Cajones enough if you ask me. Besides, the Busa is a big ole mutha, getting your knees down on it will probably take a bit more than cajones. But at least with knee pucks it's an option, there have been a couple of times where I was wishing I had them...getting into a corner too hot, hangin off the side to twist it around, levi's covered knee tends to mess with your head...