The Devil's Bike


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I can't stand the whole "Bones" theme whereever it is... but this bike is REALLY WELL DONE! I like the use of the skeloton's positioning. One of the best I've seen. Really looks the there's no frame, just bones. Very nice whoever did that


(BusaWhipped @ Oct. 14 2006,11:23)
(Black Bird Killer @ Oct. 14 2006,12:13) New to me.  Looks sweet.  Wonder why he used a car tire on the rear
It goes with the car engine
Looks like a four banger out of a Vega or Chevette...
Pretty neat but does it drive. I didn't see a propshaft or final drive of any sort much less throttle controls on other basics. Nust have been a work in progress at the time of the photo.


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i don't see a gas tank either but it is still a wicked lookin' piece of would be cool to throw some LED's on it in strategic places and ride it around on Halloween
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