The deed is done. 1,059 miles around Lake Michigan in 22 hours

Dr. Gonzo

Got the '07 battle ready over the last couple weeks and did the IBA Saddlesore 1000 challenge with a friend of mine on Saturday. Left home just before 6AM on the 7th and got back around 4AM on the 8th. Loooong ride. Think I'm done with endurance rides for a while. I can't even imagine doing the 1500 in 24.

Now just have to fill in the paperwork and send it all in for my patch/pin/whatever. :laugh:

Congrats on achieving the Iron Butt award . My closest to date is about 900 miles on my 1999 R1.

Can you either PM me or post your route? I'm going to do it in Spring I hope. I've done the loop several times, but not timed..

Congrats, and let a brother know if you decide to do another one! :beerchug:
Thanks all. Ride was pretty good, but we did get some rain along the way. The original plan was to take the Northern route first and enjoy the Lake Michigan Coast and Mackinac bridge. Unfortunately the bulk of the bad weather was in the northern part during the day so last minute we switched it around and headed South first to avoid it. The link for the route we took is below. My buddy wanted to check out the Ford museum in Dearborn which worked out well to get over 1,000. The more direct route around the lake was closer to 900 miles. Kind of a bummer to hit the coast at night and miss out on the scenery. Not to mention it was like 50 degrees until we got away from the lake. I found out the hard way that I didn't have enough layers to really cut it. The last leg of the journey I was crouched tight to avoid the wind and intermittenly had my hands down the side of the bike looking for some engine heat. heheh

All in all, not sure I'll be doing it again anytime soon, but really glad I did.

Hey GsxrBots, will give a shout out next season if we get the itch again. :)

Very nice :thumbsup:

Let me know if you change your mind about the 1500 miles ride, Im thinking on doing that one :laugh:
I did 981 on the way to my parents when I was traveling across country . (just didn't want to stop that day) My Mom was pissed that I did that . Got to the house at 330 and she was up still waiting for me to call saying where I was going to stop that night. She wouldn't let me go do the other 19 miles ( not that it was official anyway) .
congrats! it's a good feeling when you roll back up to your house!! :bowdown:
As much as the 36 hour/1500 mile BunBurner seems crazy, it almost makes more sense to me to do the 24 hour/1500 mile BunBurner Gold instead. I don't think I could safely drive for 36 hours, and going down for any significant rest/sleep seems like you'd be almost right back to trying to get 1500 in roughly the same 24 hours of riding.

To get the Gold you'd have to average 63 MPH for 24 straight so you'd really need to have a solid chunk of 70+ MPH road to offset gas stops and rest breaks. I almost feel like you'd need a bike with a larger tank to cut your stops down to accomplish it. I really wonder if anyone's ever done it on a sport bike yet?

I saw someone did the IBA Rally (11k in 11 days) in 2009 on a Kawi ZX12. That guy had some stones. Or at least did before he ran the rally... probably wore them off by the end. heheh

If I were a west coaster I'd be all over it. You doing the 1500? Interested in how that works whether 24 or 36 hours on a busa. If 36 then I assume you can only take like a 4-6 hour down for sleep at max, right? Guessing the roads you'll be on allow for a little higher top speed than what we have out here in the midwest so probably can be a bit more flexible with rest stops. ;)

Have fun and be safe!