The CONs


When I signed up in this forum, I was considering buying a Busa. Unfortunetly I haven't bought it yet, and I still don't know when I will be able to purchase one.

The main reason I want this bike is confort for 2up - ( and speed ;-) ). Everyone here says lots of good stuff about the Hayabusa!!! Of course, almost everyone here has one or more, so it is hard to hear anything bad about the beast that we all love...

But still EVERY bike has its flaws and I would sincerely like to know which are hayabusa's main flaws... Please help me, answering this, because I would like to get acquainted with bike before I buy it.

(Mistakes are not on purpose. English is not my native language!)
I have had my new Busa about 2 weeks now, I am completely and totaly in love with this thing.  I think that is more important than whatever possible vises it may have.

I expected to like this bike, but it has gone way beyond that, I am convinced that this bike is the most incredible grin induction device ever invented, yeah it is that cool...cannot really put it to words...its everything I wanted and soooo much more.

OK OK There are a couple of problem areas you have to watch though.  From what I have heard, the starters on the 02's can be a bit twitchy, 5-6 has serious false neuteral that gets better quickly.  Of course ther ewere a few recalls on the 99's and a subframe issue.  Other wise I really have not heard of anything other than some over heating if stuck in traffic on a HOT day.

So, there may be some issues, but spend a few hours on a Busa and they really do not matter any longer, it is that addictive...OH Yeah, Ladies Love the Busa!!!! What more do you need to know?
Getting the plastics off can be a pain sometimes. There are extra plastic panels on the undersides and insides in some locations that have fasteners that are hard to get at. It's not a big deal, just an added step or two in the process of getting the panels off.

Some have complained of buzzing vibration in the dash area at certain RPMs. I don't think all the bikes have this issue and it is not a major problem either way.

It is heavy. At low speeds or when moving it by hand around the garage, you will notice it's weight. Once you are riding, it is surprisingly nimble though.

It eats rear tires. You will more than likely have to replace rear tires every 5000 miles. Maybe even more often.

My girlfriend hates the passenger position. She says it is both too cramped and too exposed. Some people claim it is great. The Busa can certainly handle the extra weight, so this is largely a consideration for your passenger.

The throttle can be a bit choppy and uncertain at very low speeds and RPMs. Again this is not a major problem, just something to adjust your riding style to. And there is a small flat spot in the power around 3000 RPMs.

In my opinion the bike has character but no major flaws.
Great sum-up FLCN72.
The only thing I can add is that compared to "most sportbikes" the Busa's 2up ability is great.
Most sportbikes are extremely uncomfortable 2up.
Obviously I love the Booo, I have two of them! The biggest "flaw" for me is the cost of insurance...
I love my Busa the only gripe I have with the bike is I have had fuel pump problems. The bike is awsome though very comfortable, handles well for a big bike and I do not need to say anything about how quick it is the bike speaks for itself. I believbe it is the best all around bike I have owned. Yea I love her man!
Flaws... None that you can't live with. Most or all have already been mentioned. Try the Corbin with the backrest for the rear. This will help with her comfort issues. 2 up. Getting the wife on the back of mine is like pulling teeth. But, when she is riding, you barely even know she is there.


I wish it had the ability so no law enforcement people could see it when you are doing something your not suppose to ....

ie....speeding.....wheelies....burnouts....and having fun .!!!!
where is the cloaking device ??

needs a anti LEO button or famous doughnut ejector on the back to distract the LEO for a smooth getaway !!!

press a button doughnut ejects to the left and you get away going right .....
:cool: :

That is what i would like
I'm still crazy about mine, even though the Harley I just got also induces grins. Just not as many "holy shits" ;)
Only minor complaint I have is my wrists get a little tired after riding a while. I think there is a handlebar change that remedys this though. I have no problem with Law Enforcement people...I just flash them my "retired" badge and we BS for a few minutes :D

the only minor flaw i have with the bike is the weld on the frame that is totaly visable when off the bike. when you are on it you soon forget about it and i love this bike more every time i ride it. 1200 miles in a month and still getting used to it and learning to respect her each time i ride her. the major problem is i can't ride it more, but i keep her in the house when i am not just to look at it and polish her. :cool: