The Cali Ride ground


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I was lookin through all my disk the other day and I cant find my Cali Ride Pics. I Was hoping that you all would send me a copy of the pics that you have scanned in or just plan digital. I want to rebuild my files and I dont have anyother way to do it.

Will you help......I know you will
I'll send you all the pics I have, I copied all of them to floppy. Maybe I can copy them to CD. I'm such a techno peasant...
Post some here for us too!
Jester!  I figured out how to put the pics on CD.  Send me your address and I'll send them to you.

In the meantime...hehe...remember this?

Worse, a PARKING ticket! We parked 7 'Busas in one parking spot and NOBODY fed the meter. The city of Pasadena cleaned up with a ticket for each bike. D'OH!!
would you belive that I forgot all about that ticket, I got a mailer from the city of Pasadena, I still owe them like 35 bucks...who`d a thunk it!!
tell me about it. Would hate to get there and get pulled over and taken directly to jail and miss the race
Yeah, please fix that before you come out, I don't want to have to bail your butt out of jail!
As I recall I parked legally that night and didn't get a ticket! I tried to set a good example for the rest to follow but they went there on way and fought the law and the law won!! hahahaha

Marc "Howlin Mad"