The bike manufacturers are hold back


Anyone else get the feeling that the bike makers are holding back.
Variable Camshaft Timing (old news on cars)
Direct Injection (fuel injector directly in the combustion chamber) which means the fuel no longer must navigate around a valve)
And now this
- Two wheel drive Yamaha R1 ridden[/url]

Would anyone else agree?


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I would guess most of this tech isn't on bikes because of $$$$$$ . Pricing a Bike means the Factory with it's very limited production (compaired to cars) has to stay low. Even stuff on MotoGp bikes take years to trickle down and then most items never get to production bikes. Just look at the fork and shock systems and their cost on road bikes Vs race bikes.

Unless they can make changes that stay basicly the same for years, or can be put on most of their bikes, the expense and loss in profit per bike makes it a loser for the Factory.


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I posted something about this earlier but I still haven't found what I am looking for. I would like to see a pro on it and another R1 preferably the same year for comparison purposes do some lap times, to see how the 2 systems stack against each other. They didn't seem to be pushing it very hard through the turns It's nice to see that it can still wheelie:thumbsup: that is very important.:laugh: jk
Read where some where that this system has already been applied on a MX bike an raced an the bike finished 15 minutes ahead of the pack you would think something like that would pop right of the google searches so far I got nothing.
lets see if they show an do more in the next spotlight showing of the bike:thumbsup:


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so where was the never-ending stoppie? Seems like a good stunt rider should be able to ride a wheelie, the other way until he ran out of road


The tech is expensive and bikes cost way too much now. I want them cheaper, not more expensive! Just my .02 cents.

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If you believe MotoGP isn't holding back, then I'd say the Ducati Desmosedici RR is the closest you can get to MotoGP performance on the street. Problem is (if you can find one), it'll set you back over $75K to get what you want. Here's one with the "optional" Termi exhaust:


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