The baddest helmet ever


I saw this online let me know if its to much if a good thing.
HELMET FEATURES ? Skully Helmets

Looks pretty slick to me, what is the interface? Smartphone, stand alone unit? Bluetooth? How does nav connect?
Ok, I'm signed up as a beta tester...that would be pretty cool to test that thing!
Wonder what the cost would be, I would think somewhere along the lines of Shuberth or maybe a tad higher.
Hmmm not sure how much crap I wanna be fed when I'm out riding. Part of me riding is "get away" and now to have all that pumped at me? Even more so, that dumb a** GPS chick who I can't stand even in a vehicle??
lol I have my Shoei and it works wonders :thumbsup:
I THINK I signed up as a beta tester. It said submitting but never went to a confirmation page. IDK but its pretty bad ass
these type of helmets are notoriously heavy tho. and I wonder how well it works at night? and what about wind noise and breathability?
Since it has GPS I wonder if it can/will display your mph? That would be handy so you wouldn't have to look down at your speedo.
:: most important not to take eyes off the road. And I can get rid of this chatterbox. Would you leave it on your bike while you went in to grab a burger
Been following this and signed up as a beta tester as well. LOTS of potential. I might trade up to a Skully if it has good fit/finish/ventilation/quiet/etc.