thay say it cant be dun...


people tell me i cant put a busa engine in my mgb for reasons like: the car weighs to much (3000lbs) and the cluch cant handle it, the engine dosnt have a heavy enof rotating mass to pull the car, or it will be to slow. can it be dun?


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the question I have to ask is WHY....why put a Busa motor in an MGB  

Sounds like a headache waiting to happen.


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Simple answer is torque. Stock output is ~100 ft-lbs. which is fine for an 1100 lb. Lotus. With 3K lbs., you'd have slightly better acceleration with a stock Civic engine.


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You'll have a high reving 175 hp 100 ft. lb torque MGB. There are companies that build small cars around a Busa engine and the performance is insane...especially the turbo charged versions! The clutch shouldn't be too much of a problem since it can be upgraded and I've never heard of an MGB weighing in at 3000 lbs. Depending on the year more like a little over 2000 lbs. Now subtract the weight of the original drivetrain for the lightweight Busa drivetrain plus all the other things you'll do to lighten things up and that car will weigh next to nothing.


Gearing should help alot too. I'm thinking you could get a 2000 lb. car with a busa motor 5-6 sec. to 60. I think a read an artical about the busa's torque in first gear at 900 lbs. after the gearing to the rear wheel.
a yes.... its great to run into a fellow nut... I love to build things that not everyone have. Right now Im mid way through building a Ford Festiva ,,, I built a frame with ford 9inch with 4'11s. Chevy S10 two wheel drive front end on the frame. And for a motor a built Ford 460 Big block with C6 transmission. Driver and passenger seats will be where the back seat was. I should run good... as we say it should rip the fur off the dog when you stand on the gas! LOL Not as nice looking as my 1970 475 cid big block stang but it will be fun.


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