Thanks to the .org and the threads on stands

sweet tea man

Been cleaning my chain the poor mans way of roll the bike forward, spray, scrub, wipe, repeat since i got the bike. all the talk on stands here lately got me thinking about getting a set.

so after reading much into it, i'm in the market right now to buy a set of stands. Talked with Ian and I know which ones i'm going to be getting from Redline, just have to wait until the end of the month before i can get them probably.:banghead:

I've never put a bike on a stand before, so needless to say, the thread that was started the other day about putting it on yourself was a big helper. I borrowed my brothers vortex rear stand so i could at least clean and wax my chain this morning since i cant ride for more than 10 minutes anyways right now, and after putting my grab bar on(MUST SAY THIS IS A -DO MUST FOR A NEWB LIKE ME) and taking my time balancing the bike and getting it lined up, got the bike up in the air with no problems. I will say however, i wish my brothers stand had a longer handle on it to get some easier leverage:thumbsup:

anywho.....just saying thanks guys.

pics of the cookie monster on the rear stand and cleaned(no chain wax yet) chain


sweet tea man

if anybody wonders why the name "Cookie Monster", the picture will explain it. It was a big joke between my brother and myself after one of our stops headed to the spring bash this past april:rofl: he had to get a pic

sweet tea man

cant wait to order them. Ian called me from a trip to deals gap he was on, just to answer my questions.

that sold me right there. b/c i sure as hell wouldnt answer my phone:rofl:


Ian is one helluva guy! If my stand didn't cost me two slawdogs I would have a redline stand right now
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sweet tea man

:rofl::rofl::rofl: i will bring the stand back to you tonight. going to yank the wheel off of the 86 tonight while i'm there too so i can get it fixed

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