Thank you Pashnit, Ventura installed with grab bar, corbin saddle, and back rest.


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Tim gave me a deal on a Ventura I couldnt refuse. Quick shipping by the way straight from Ventura to my door. :beerchug: So the first night I had it you know I had to install it. Well I ran across a problem. I dont have oem seats anymore, in favor of the Corbin saddles. I also have the back rest for my wife who has endured and enjoyed almost all of the 8500 miles I have on this bike. The Corbin seat has a lip that fits tight around the tail section, the oem seat comes straight out and does not have this lip. There is no way Ventura could account for this nor build the L brackets to accomodate the various aftermarket seats. So I decided it was do or die. I drilled out the rivets holding the leather skin on the seat and removed them from the middle of the seat to the rear. Then I folded the leather over the seat and marked the seat pan. Cut the pan from the back forward to where I made my marks, filed the edges down so there were no sharp edges to cut the leather and folded it back down and installed new rivets. The Corbin seat pan is very solid and took the new rivets with no issue.
Here is the result> Ventura installed, with the grab bar, Corbin rear, and the back rest. Now I know that I will need to face the bag forward when riding alone, all I need to do is simply remove the back rest and I am in business. So, my to my point. If you have Corbin seats and would like to have a Ventura, do it. This is the best thing you can get for touring as far as luggage.




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Very nice!! I rode pillion on a Busa years ago that had the Corbin seat with a backrest - gotta say that's the only way to go for anyone riding pillion!! If my boys ever decide they'd like to ride, I'd likely try to get one myself...



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great job, gonna have to get out and put her to the test now (any excuse to ride :lol:) :beerchug:

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