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So wanted to express my gratitude to @greg3852 who went out of his way to help a fellow oRg member (that being me).
I’ll start at the beginning. I came across a Ti Yoshimura full exhaust on eBay.
The price was $575 but a bid not “but it now” I messaged the seller explaining that my bike was wrecked and I am rebuilding it and would love to have this exhaust as a new addition. All I wanted was a buy it now price. The seller offered it to me at $500 which was odd considering it was listed as higher.

Greg happened to know of the exhaust and the seller and said that he has known people who had bad experiences and he lived fairly close and offered to go see the exhaust, pick it up and pay for it for me.

The gentleman selling it got even more sketchy when he asked me to send him the $500 in a money gram. I paypal’d The money to Greg who went out of his way on a Sunday to get cash from his own bank account and to meet this guy with the exhaust.

At the end of today Greg got the exhaust and an ASV lever I ordered from the same seller and is shipping them out to me tomorrow. Had it not been for Greg I would have either passed up on the deal out of the fear of getting screwed or may have decided to buy it and get screwed.

This just truly shows how we are all family here and we really do all look out for one another. This is one of the best forums I have been a member of and the only one I even belong to.

So to Greg, thank you brother!

Here are the eBay pics...







Johnnie Phatt

I think there must be something special about people who gravitate towards a specific and specialized Marquee. The Busa while easy to attain is not as popular as say any 600 cc sport bike. Reduced numbers create a sort of Brotherhood I found the same on the ZRXOA board. For the most part people were happy to help anyone of the brotherhood because we had such an attachment to the type of bike. It was not for everyone but it was perfect for us


This place , and the ZRXOA are cut from the same cloth . All though there are a few who don't play well together over on the zrx site . We don't seem to have that over here . I spend more time here than any other site . Well the Titanium porn is close to the same time as here :)


More than welcome. Glad I could help. I hate seeing people get screwed over and I really hate seeing Busa people get screwed over. Plus I love seeing parts and not having to pay for it was a bonus! hahaha I even got to clean up the pipes a bit for him before sending them, so he will get to see them cleaner than I did.

I have learned so much and gotten so much help from people here that I have to pay it forward. Just glad I could help. Now I'm off to the post office to get packing material and a box to ship this bad boy out to the new owner.

Side note, I tried to weigh it on my bathroom scale last night and the entire exhaust wouldnt even register on my scale which starts at 11lbs....


The shipping weight of the exhaust in the box with packaging was 13LB 7.2OZ
I will be running it with a Carbon can and custom Mid Pipe so that will also drop that weight a tad.

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