Thank god its over


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Watched the 3rd installment of Tito and Ken tonight on spike. Turned out pretty much like the last. Hate to see one of the pioneers hang up his gloves...But at least he knows it is time to hang it up.


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Yeah, it didn't last that long. I know the last one did't either, but I figured Shamrock was more prepared this one. Guess I was wrong.


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He was more prepared, he lasted 30 or so seconds longer than he did before
. Seriously though, I'm glad they have finally kissed and made-up. Ken can go back to coaching his Lion's Den and Tito can start getting ready for the second beating Liddell is going to give him in December.

The highlight of the night for me was seeing Ed Herman tap-out. There is a difference between confident and cocky ... that dude was cocky beyond words. Nice to see him get humbled.

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