Thank God i'm an American!!!! and proud to be call A United States Marine.


The milkman cometh!!!
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Very Nice. Thank you for sharing and serving. Semper Fidelis my brother.


Rick Rollin'
:puke: so much motivation!

:laugh: that is pretty sweet!
That is an amazing amount of motorcycles


:puke: so much motivation!

:laugh: that is pretty sweet!
That is an amazing amount of motorcycles
you know you were standing at attention the whole time.:laugh: oorah kill kill kill. no matter how hard it gets, your always reminded some how and some way why you signed that dotted line.


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I've done Rolling Thunder 4 times now. For one it's incredible to see the amount of bikes there, 400,000 or more. The amount of people that line the streets for this event is even more incredible. Kids to elders out there cheering. A Marine, like in the video, is there saluting for at least 3 hours, which has got to be grueling, but you can see the pride in their faces as you ride by. If your in the DC area, it's something you have to experience at least once.
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