Thank god for insurance



I cannot believe this happened, but....

Last night I had the Busa come off the side stand and go down, right there in the garage! Not even running, the key wasn't even in it!

I'm just sick about it.

Here's the damage:
1. Left side panel scratched.
2. Engine cover (clutch basket cover?) on left side.
3. Noticeable scuff in the windscreen.
4. Very minor abrasion on the left mirror, in the black plastic.

This is terrible!

But the bike is covered. I have to come up with the $500 deductible, but I'll bet that list of damaged parts is easily over $1,000.

I've replyed those 4 seconds over and over in my mind probably two dozen times, and still cannot figure out what happened. All I can assume is that somehow I didn't have the sidestand fully deployed and it rolled forward. I dismounted it, turned my back to go into the house, was about 1 1/2 steps away from it and *crash*. There it was, laying on it's left side.






I know it hurts..i feel yer didn't have the handlebars turned to the right did you??..don't ever do that..
Hopfully you will have it like new again soon.


Hayabusa Immortal
It can be fixed for less than $500... IF you don't go to the dealer.

1. New lowers $420 with shipping.
2. Magneto cover - $32 +$4 seal
3. Buff windscreen with blue rouge compound
4. Sand mirror with 600 then 1000 grit. Use heat gun to restore texture.

5. Sell used fairing on eBay for $125-200.
6. Sell magneto cover for $10-20.

Call Sunrise to get parts, 1.800.992.0127

No offense, but personally, I really don't see why people have to have brand new parts when they drop it... let alone using insurance for it... let alone going to the dealer of all places (5-20% or more OVER retail list price! ). Between this kind of stuff and the squids totalling bikes with stupid stunts, we won't have any companies left to insure sportbikes anymore. Save your insurance for real accidents, like when that SUV runs you off the road (and hopefully you catch them so THEIR insurance pays).

(damn emoticons and parenthesis... I have to fix those sometime


Thanks for the tips, Narcissus.  

Ok, well I've calmed down some since last night.  Quite honestly, you just can't see any of this damage until someone (me) points it out.  It really is very minor.  But the emotional trauma, wow.  Lol.  

The parts guy at the dealer probably gave me the best advice:  "Quit worrying about it and ride the danged thing."  That kind of snapped me out of it.

But I definately appreciate the contact for Sunrise, Narcissus.  You are the man.

As an example of what Narcissus said, I priced a new clutch lever for it (forgot that in the list above) and Suzuiki OEM = 50 dollars.  50 DOLLARS FOR A FRIGGIN' CLUTCH LEVER?!?  :whip: :whip: Aftermarket = 12 dollars.  

Much better.


I'm lucky I have a motorcycle junkyard within 60 miles from my house, fortunately I haven't had to go there much.


Dropping a bike is one thing, check this out: Left the house at 8:30am to attend a seminar on Spirituality, returned home at 97 Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird is gone from the wife says; "Are you sure you didnt put it in the basement?".......Imagine the look I gave her and then what I said......Inurance check came last week, so I'm on the hunt for a 'busa........Gotta have it.....

wonder how many bikes are carrying my Blackbird parts?


The sidestand mod Knebnr mentioned looks like the way to go. I know the feeling my 01 fell over and scratched/cracked the right side fairing, made me sick. My dealer quoted $554 for a new one!

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