Texas Mile


Im wanting to do the next texas mile and want to know what is required for safety inspections, gear, etc. for first timers. What should i expect to need in order to participate? Any suggestions on gearing? Etc. Looking for any and all advice from those who have participated.
I am no expert...safety wiring critical bolts...(axel + brakes / calipers and what you don't want to fall off will help you pass tech....the register and fees is something you should do in advance...your tire may need replaced due to rating or condition...there are many land speed guys here...they will fill you in...pm some of them...it is the weekend so it may take a few days for a reply..
Or just ride over to the shop hat wrote h rules:banghead:

Johnny I tried to call you not to long ago and couldnt get a hold of you for some reason... Maybe i had the wrong number. Let me know when you will be around the shop and I will come by to visit. I know you are a pro on this one!
Johnny will fix you up or you can click on my thread if you're bored... :laugh:

What year bike and what are your mods?
He'll be busy till late this coming Saturday.
2 bikes on the dyno first...........


OR...............come over early and I'll help drill out the bolts for you.....
I work for Johnny part time. ;)
Have fun.

Be the first one I have not ran since I started running them a couple of years ago...it is addictive. Oct is just too busy for me this year. You will also get to participate in the 10th year activities.

I would suggest a 3 day run and get there on Thursday to get all your tech and meetings out of the way so you can run Friday morning.

...oh, and Have Fun!!!!!