Texas Lane Splitting


Hayabusa Immortal
I was talking to my brother yesterday and he told me that lane splitting in Texas is legal, according to what a Plano cop told him. Well, having never heard anything, and always trying to know the law, I did some digging.

Apparently lane splitting is neither legal nor illegal here. This is from one site I found:

From: clif.burdette@txdps.state.tx.us (Burdette, Clifton)

In similar fashion with California, lane splitting in Texas is neither legal nor illegal. The law does not address lane splitting. According to our Traffic Law Enforcement folks, you may split lanes but you may fall prey to several laws.

1. Driving too fast for conditions.
2. Changing lanes without signaling. Every time you cross the dotted line, you must signal.
3. Being responsible for an accident. If you are involved in an accident, you may be held responsible.

The biggest concern is road rage. We riders never win an argument with a car or truck.

Clif Burdette
Motorcycle Safety Unit


From: http://www.phuzzygnu.com/lanesplitting.html

Having been stuck on the highway in standstill traffic in 100+ degree weather, splitting has always been tempting, but I never wanted to get stopped. Of course, there is more info on that site suggesting from local departments that you can not.
Reckless driving is a very broad law. Lane splitting scares me anyway.
I'll take the shoulder and the first exit, and find an alternate route.
Being in California now, lane splitting stills makes me a little nervous, however I'm pretty much force to do it out here. With the high compression and constant traffic I would be stalled out if I didn't. Most of the cager here is pretty use to it, and some will even move over when the see you coming through, but then again you still have the but holes that will try to squeeze you. Then you just kick the poop out of they're door and keep going.
Don't forget the number one reason for splitting lanes... Not because of heat. When you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic, your odds of being rear-ended by some lemming in a cage are tremendous!

Also, at a light, you can squeeze through to the front, or squeeze around the right lane to make a right on red.

I say use it, but don't abuse it. I have seen guys in Cali going 70+ in 20 MPH rushhour traffic. YIKES! Be sensible.
I lane split all the time here in Cali. Everyone does and the cagers for the most part are used to it. I have even done it past cops, or up next to a cop at a light and they didn't trip. There's always going to be haters, people on cell phones, puttin on make-up, reaching for something, etc... so just be careful!!

I got hit by a cager on purpose when I was splitting lanes. He saw me in his mirror and steered towards me. I don't know what he thought he would accomplish by knocking me into the next lane and damn near getting me killed, fortunately I stayed up (dirtbike style) and he got a busted mirror and broken side window.. I got a new paintjob!


What the hell is it with some cagers? I've seen them go after bicycle riders as well. I know for a fact I have had car drivers look me in the eye, then take my lane away from me on purpose. I just don't understand it.