Texas Holdem


do we have any real players abroad. Have any of you been watching WPT on the Travel channel
I dont gamble, but today I bought a bunch of lottery tickets with a supplement check I got at work today. Why?? Because the check number was 77777. I shat you not! spent the whole check on lottery tickets. When I win, I will buy all .org members a nice busa gift!
I have been meaning to watch it... Gotta use the TiVo.

Anyway, I love Texas Hold 'em and 7 card stud... But the guys I play with (every Friday night) all dig wilds, and variations... ARGH!
I stopped playing about 30 years ago for hard money. $10,000 in Vegas on an Ace Duce with 2 Aces out and 3, 2's (including the one I was holding) out. I bet the pot. What pops up the other 2. had to hitch hike to the Airport and have never been back.