I am hard up 4 some decent movie entertainment went 2 drive inn last fri saw jack arse 2 or as much as I could stand 2 watch.about 40% of it was some fairly cool stunts rocket bike+ wheelchair best rest was foul stuff
I couldnt stand 2 look at.How many times they going 2 do a texas chain movie??? I guess I will go test it out next week.

thats the di from full metal jacket.


texas chainsaw site


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Had to go see Little Miss Sunshine with the wife and friends... Have to say I laughed my ass off. So dark yet so funny.

Your right though... Way to many Texas Chain saw movies out in the last 5 years... A guy I went to Highschool with was actually Leather face in one of them...
(HOLE SHOT KID @ Oct. 01 2006,14:44)
Did you say Drive In? I wish they still had drive ins by me. The last one closed up about 9-10 years ago. There used to be alot here on the island but I guess they all sold to builders and developers. I miss that! Some movies are great to go see in the Drive in! Reminds me of my childhood. Teenage years were of different memorys at the drive in though.


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Drive in- met my first ever nooky receiver there, miss them.

Movies lately, in the last year have sucked arse. Have all the good ideas been used up? I hope at least the new Bond is worth watching.


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This weekend I saw:
The Guardian - great movie in spite of Ashton Kutcher
The Protector - Cheesey movie, awesome action!
Jet-Li Fearless -  Good action, gotta get past the subtitles
JA2 - Vile, some funny stuff, there were parents in this movie who left very upset with there children... what did they think they were going to get?
Flyboys - I guess it was okay, good book, movie had potential, but I wasn't drawn in like at the Guardian...

This is what I do when momma goes out of town...
Oh and I got about 500 miles seat time between Sat and Sun as well!


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I am glad you pointed out that fearless was subtitled!! I hate that crap, it suck when they dont let you know untill it's too late! Guess I'll be waiting for the dvd so i can watch it in the dubbed version
I've gotten to the point that I'd rather watch them subtitled than dubbed. Years of watching Asian movies will do that to you . The Protector did have some awesome action scenes . Tony Ja's first movie Ong Bak was totally awesome . If you really like Martial Arts films there is one coming down the pipe called Dragon Tiger Gate that is really good .

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