Temporary backrest for a BUSA

Wanted to know if you could purchase a backrest for the passenger seat or not. I don't want one permanently, just for when I take my daughter for rides. Does anyone know if they exist or where I could buy one.

Thanks :-)


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u sure can . They are pricey thou . Punch in "Corbin" or "Corbin Seats" into yer search engine that should get ya there . I'll see if I still have a pic .


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have fun out there...be safe....I gotta tell ya I'm a bit of a jerk when it come's to kids on bikes . You sound like a sensible Daddy thou . The kids got ALL THE GEAR RIGHT ? jacket,gloves,pants,boots,A HELMET THAT FITS PROPERLY.
They know to ALWAYS keep their lil' feet on the pegs,ask permission B4 climbing off/on. etc etc etc . Be carefull with 'em man....lil' ones also have a tendancy to fall asleep.
Be cool.....be good to them....
Shiny side up / Rubbersidedown .
Thanks guys. I am new to this board and I could not find this post so I posted it again... please disregard.

That seat is exactly what I was looking for. Sure looks funny on a BUSA, but it will prevent me from buying a 1500 Intruder.

Yea, my girl has all the gear. I bought her a PW50 for her third birthday, but really likes ridding with 'daddy'. She is 5 now, and would like to go farther than just through the neighborhood at 20 miles per hour. I told her we could go for longer rides when she had a back rest. Dont you worry about this one falling asleep, I am always patting her leg and talking with her. If I see the eyes getting sleepy ... the ride is over. And I don't plan on taking LONG rides, maybe just 20 or 30 minutes around the golf course and stuff like that. Absolutely NO freeways!!!

Thanks again for your replies.
Thanks for the welcome. I just called my daughter in here to see the pick you posted of the seat and she LOVED IT!!! She got all excited and had a huge smile. You just made her day. It may be a month or two before I can get one though, as I am patiently awaiting my exhaust system to get here and I need a new rubber on the back already. At 1600 miles and almost out of tread I can see that all gixxers burn up rubbers quickly regardless of displacement. I'll bet this thing melts break pads like my TL1000R did too. I guess we'll see.

Thanks again for your replies


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Welcome to the board Bobby.
Hope you have a great time taking your daughter for rides.
Just imagine how envious all the boys on the block will be when they see her on the fastest bike around.
What a cool Dad.

Big O

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Welcome to the board, buy a shirt!

A 1500 Intruder?!! ohmygod! Noooo!
LOL! Yea, my daughter is the envy in the neighborhood. While the little boys are ridding their big wheels and battery operated bikes, my daughter cruises by on her PW50 and just gives them a half smile and a wink. I LOVE IT! When she is on the back of the BUSA she enjoys waving at them ... "You wish you were me don't you"? LOL!

Yea, I was thinking about the intruder 1500 because I am 6'1 and 215, and according to rider reviews on motorcycleworld.com it is the best cruiser for riders over 6'0. Plus ... I am a big Suzuki fan. 3 of my last 4 bikes have been suzuk's. Might as well stick with the best. Anyway, doesn't really matter if I can order a backrest for my little sweetie. There will be plenty of time for cruisers when I get old. :-)

Anywho, hope y'all had a happy easter. And be safe on those BUSA's.


After owning a Corbin backrest and seeing how simple it was constructed i think you could have one built for half the price.. just buy a 5/8 stem for it and build the backrest onto it, if you have a corbin rear seat

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