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So I went to my local Suzuki dealer today looking for a sensor in order to activate the fan at a lower temp and he said all that was available was the stock one. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if a sensor from another bike fits or how I might get one. Thanks.


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PM GIXERHP , he might know. I'll guess that you have a Gen I bike. I know a lot of folks have replaced the temp switch with a manual toggle switch.


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Pm replied,

This part bolts right in the stock Suzuki temp sensor for the fan, but it turns the fan on 10* C cooler. The only problem is it uses different connectors. You can either get the plug end from a wrecked Honda Accord, or do as I did. I took small female blade type connectors and spliced them into the stock wires (you have to cut off the Suzuki plug end). I then filled the well of the connector with silicone to keep vibration from being a factor. I also used the stock black "boot" to make it look like it came that way from the factory.

The part is from a Honda Accord, the part number is 37760-P00-003

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