Temp Problems


While at Biketoberfest caught in the horrible traffic,my bike ran pretty hot.Didn't overheat,but got to the upper range of the gauge.I stopped and let it cool a bit,all was fine after that.Noticed it running warm in traffic before,but this one instance seemed to overwhelm the fan.I think it probably would have continued to get worse if I hadn't stopped.I know it's not designed to sit still,but is this normal?Is there a fix,such as a higher capacity fan?The temp was in the 90's,the bike is an '03 with 4000 miles on it.
most all busa's do that. if you still have the stock plastic fan then you need to upgrade to an aluminum muzzy fan blade that wont melt from the heat...i added a second gsxr750 fan to mine and wired it so i can flip a switch and turn on both fans at the same time. it really helps. just keep an eye on it when the fan comes on. if the temp continues to rise, you can pull over and turn the engine off but leave the key on. that will let the fan continue to run until it cools off. or you can put it in nuetral and rev the engine up to 2500-3000 rpms to get the coolant pumping faster.
Also check your coolant reservoir. It may have a half inch or so of white powdery crap in the bottom. Empty the reservoir and wash it out with some water.
also if you replace the water in the radiator...make sure you use distilled water...regular tap water boils faster and has minerals that will rust your radiator.