Temp. gauge reading low.

Bruce Bell

Went for a ride today never notice at the beginning, but towards the end I notice my temp. gauge was running lower then normal. It runs about halfway most of the time, but when I looked at it today it was only a 1/4 of the way up. Stop to ask my buddy what his was running, his was at 1/2 way (normal). We check around for leaks or smell but nothing. While we were checking the fan came on. So I'm thinking the thermostat is bad or ??? Or, i just put Hid lighting on my bike and heard stories about the ballast or igniters raising hell with the gauges. Any ideas?
and the fan on hid lighting my be not a exspert bike must have been hot for the fan to cume on or is the fan cuming on and of over cooling the bike
Reset the gauges see if that helps.

Turn bike off, Hold the bottom button for 5 seconds, turn the key with the button still held, continue to hold the button for 5 more seconds. Let off of the button then press the bottom button once, wait a second or two and push it again. You should see the gauges freak out :laugh:
Ok I just went out and started it and let it idle and the gauge went 1/2 way up (normal). Scratching my head now. I don't believe the bike ever got hot today, when we were checking for leaks, the fan came just cause the temp was high enough for the fan to turn on.
If you don't let the gauges complete their startup calibration before starting the bike, the HIDs will cause the gauges to read wrong.