Tell me about your riding jacket


Im a big guy ,6'6" 270ish and my options are kind of limited here. I need to replace my H/D leather jacket and am looking all over. Ill consider ballistic as a second choice to leather and I dont want any crazy colors but will happily run Suzukis milder patterns. Any ideas guys,models #s,urls,vendors. been poking around without much luck Thanks in advance. Peter
At your size if you have the money I would talk to Vanson, Made in the USA good if pricey stuff, custom made for you.
Zcustom leathers may be able to help as well.
I was in the same boat. Around 6'4" 270lbs. I went with Joe Rocket. I've found that their 3X jackets fit me pretty well. The 2X was a bit short in the body length and arms, and the 3X is a tad long. Better longer than shorter though.

Their sizing seems fairly consistent amongst their product line (I've tried three different jacket styles all 3X). My current jacket is the Meteor 4.0. It's got a liner, protection in the shoulders and elbows as well as denier on those spots as well. It's a little on the warm side, but at speed it's not too bad (I haven't worn it in 95+ degrees yet though).

Most of the time I like being a big guy, but for clothes and buying cars, it SUCKS ASS!

Good luck with your search.
Thanks everyone. Juggler Im gonna go with your suggestion and order one . At 169$ I cant see going wrong and I can still look while I have something at least in the meantime.
You are some big mofos. Damn, I think that Lo, Swan and I are the only sub 6 footers around here. Oh yea, Cache (LOL). Anyway, I am 5'11", and a pretty booad 215 lbs. I just bought the new Hyabusa Jacket. Went with a 52, but probably could have went with a 50. The sleeves are a tad too long. I don't know the max size, but the jacket is sweet.

Check it out.

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Nice jacket Greg. I'm also 6'5" and use the Meteor Joe Rocket jacket............... Cost was a major decision in purchasing this jacket. Now that I have one I recommend them to all my friends as a alternative to leather. Built to last I picked mine up at for $99 to my door.
Hey Thinker how much did that jacket run you and did you get it from the suzuki dealer? or someplace else i really like that jacket may consider one my self i have a Geric with the scull and cross bones on the back right now but wouldn;t mind upgrading a bit to something for a bit colder weather this jacket i have now is a definatly for the warmer days
I got it for around $249 and it was at a cycle shop, but don't think they sell new bikes. You can get them from Suzuki dealers, but they might be on back order, specially the larger sizes. I have also seen them on E-Bay. Definately don't pay more than $300 from anywhere. That would be a rip off.
Cripes! I must be in the Land of the GIANTS! I am 5' 8".
My current jacket is a Levi denim trucker job because there ain't squat that will fit me. I also weigh 280. I know...I'm just short for my weight

The pisser is all the jackets from Joe Rocket and other sportbike leather makers are made for guys with the "classic V" build and itty bitty bodies. When you get up into the 50's in age, that classic V inverts itself. This makes all those spiffy sportbike off-the-rack leathers out of the question. Harley has some jackets that fit me (all made in China for $400!!!) and I could probably go with Vanson too.

I'm using the Joe Rocket Velocity. It's black with no wild graphics. The only place you see a "Joe Rocket" logo is down near the waistband which has velcro closures that will accommidate the rotund as well as the svelt figures. It comes with the foam armor and or course the option to upgrade it. Personally, I love it.
Anyone know anything about the Kobe Dragon jacket? I also ride snowmobiles and want to get one very nice jacket with a kidney belt maybe for both. It looks pretty nice and I think I could wear polor fleece under it.

I have some pretty nice motorcycle jackets but they tend to be the wrong style (HD) so I am looking for something for my new bike. I am 5'9" and about 200 lbs. The snowmobile issue is not a solid decision so tell me what you have that you really like. I know the Vansons are great but they are pretty pricy. I cannot see myself wearing a Orange Hayabusa jacket if they make one.

Not all Busa members are huge..i am 5'9 151 lbs. I wear a
TourMaster blue n' black...i like all the armor inside....200.00.
Thinker62...Thats a cool jacket dude..I will spot you easy at Laguna...I'll be easy too..saddle bags..tall jest-- catch me if you' i'm packet the Mrs. on the back..