Tell me about your icon helmet


Was looking for some feed back on the different model icon helmets. I like the look, style, and price of the icon helmet but not sure which one I want.
This is the one I have and I loved it. Carbon Fiber, Very Light weight and is for sale if interested


I dont want to rain on the possible sale, so if you want my opinion, pm me.
I have an Air Frame Hayabusa edition. Got it 4 obvious reasons.....:whistle: My opinion of Icon is they are more of a "Show than Go" brand. The helmet looks great but when you factor in the price of thier stuff and put it up against other brands of similar price they just don't hold a candle to them in quality as far as I'm concerned. I've always taken really good care of my helmets and this air frame was the 1st helmet I had where the snap on the D-ring busted off and the detent settings on the visor wore out. So any time I accelerate rapidly the visor will slam shut @ random :banghead:
I have only worn Icon helmets. So i cant compare icon to any other brand since my only standard is icon. They meet and exceed all DOT safety standards. not sure if they are snell approved anymore. I know they now get some kind of world standard test done to them. I used to have a Domain2 Decay helmet. I went down with my first one and my noggin was protected insurance replaced it. I didnt even get a concussion. Now i have 3 airframe helmets. My first was the airframe guardian, second one is the airframe manic, I recently found and bought a brand new gray/silver hayabusa helm on ebay. I almost drooled on my keyboard when i found it. So my opinion is biased lol. The air frame helmets are a little loud (the price you pay for great ventilation *shrug*), but I've never had any comfort issues. The moisture wicking material they used is great. The quick release and the raising and lowering for the faceshield is not always the easiest to operate. especially when right out the box. Give it time to "break in". Ive had my second domain2 since 2007 and the detents are just fine.
I have the airmada frame that is the chain brain paint scheme. It is a really nice looking helmet and it glows in the dark too. The air flow that goes through the helmet is pretty good compared to other brands that I have used. The only thing I don't like about the helmet is that the visor fogs up a bit despite the anti fog lens. Other than that it works great and looks nice
I have an old (4ys) Icon helmet don't remember what name . But it was a good helmet DOT and SNELL. I would buy one again.
I have had mine about a year or less. The face shield sealed great at first. A bit hard to open with that metal nub to hold it closed. Once it broke in it never shuts all the way. Looking at it the rubber doesn't even touch the shield all the way around. Due to that I get a ton of wind noise and nice watery dry eyes in the colder weather. I won't buy another. I like the look, but the better brands are priced higher for a reason. Oh, it's an alliance "torrent"

Edit** adding pics. Hard to see a bit but this is how the visor sits while riding. You should be able to make out the gap. Refer to the pic that I'm holding it shut to compare.