Tall Hodded mustang Cobra (watch out)


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I did a 40 MPH roll with one tonight and unfortunately there was another bike in the way of me so the mustang got a 6 car jump on me and I could not reel him in until around 160 or so. By then he let off, that car is fast. We will get a rematch some other day so I can get a good start from a roll, but the other bike stood stright up in the air and was in the way so I couldn't get a good start. The point is I did not expect that from a mustang, and that car has the utmost respect from me now. Kenne Belle Supercharged Cobra 2003 model. I'll get him next time.
Did it look like this? he...he...he God I loved that car!

For those that don't know, properly driven/setup with a Kenne Bell, they are running High 10's down to MID 9's in the 1/4 and deadly from a role! That is screamin' for a street legal, stock appearing car.

thats the one. I still think it would be good race even from a roll but only time will tell. I will get another chance to get a good start with him.
Mustangs are bad granted, BUT, never humiliate and deball the busa again. If you are going to race make sure you win or dont race at all.