taking wheels off

sweet tea man

one thing that has bothered me since i put my wheels stripes on is that they are a difference shade blue than the bike.

i'm going to paint the lips of the wheels to match the bike, but how would i go about taking the wheels off? or would this be better left to taking to a shop and then taking the wheels back to them to put on>
Find a good painter, He might be able to tape it off and spray the stripes with the wheels on. May have to use an airbrush.
i am a painter. hahaha

i was looking at taking them off so i wouldnt have to mask everything. granted, its going to be a couple weeks
they are on the list of things to get

Okay, that is how you will make this task THAT much easier. Make sure that you choose one for the front that goes to the bottom of the triple clamp. This way you will be able to lift the bike and remove the whole front end assembly if needed.

This is exactly what I use. LOCKHART PHILLIPS FRONT LIFT PRO BIKE STAND - | Lockhart | Stands-Ramps-Wheel Chocks | Bob's Cycle Supply


When you lift and remove all, be sure to stabilize the bike from tipping by either attaching a tether to a rafter or possible a jack on the bottom guarded with a shop rag.
Make sure you have all needed tools. I had to run around like an idiot to get this and that.
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Pulling the wheels is pretty straight forward. Just look at your bike.
how much would a shop charge to take them off for me and hold the bike for a few hours(while i paint them) and put them back on next day? just sitting here brainstorming. going to call them tomorrow to find out. Just wondering what a price range would be. i dont have stands and kinda limited in my mobility right now so i cant really take them off myself anywho.