Taking care of those who love us


About 2 miles from my house on Falkenburg Road in Brandon, Florida, a rider lost his life taking a long left sweeping turn at high speed, he lost it on some sand in the road, and hit a fire hydrant surrounded by concrete posts. I didnt know the rider, alot of guys at Barneys Suzuki in Tampa did, it just really broke my heart to see that.

I have a thought for us to ponder. We know this is a dangerous activity, but I wanted to take a moment to consider the people who love us and support us. This is our children, our spouses, our friends, our moms and dads. I dont mean to get so deep into this, but we are surrounded by people who not only love us, but are dependent on us. How many of us have life insurance? How many of us have disability insurance? I think we so hung up on making sure our bikes are insured, we never stop to think about us. I know that between my life and disability insurance, it costs about as much as my bike insurance, and it's worth every penny.

I just wanted to my fellow riders to consider the wives and children who are dependant on us. If something happens to us, are they taken care of? Will your children be able to pay for college? Will your wife be able to make the house payments? How will their life change if something happens to you? My insurance policy will pay Jennifer $250,000 if something happens to me. I think leaving a legacy is much better than stranding your family.

I'm not trying to sell life insurance, but they say you're entire life flashes before you the instant you're taken out of this world. In that moment of reflection, will you know that you're family is going to be ok? Or are you hoping that her next husband will have enough sense to get your kids through college?

just food for thought

Amen Mike, yes what we have chosen to do is very dangerous, and the more we play on the edge the more serious the possibilties. We should however live each day to the full and allways tell the ones we love how we feel about them. I used to try to get more of my buddies to get bikes but after several deaths around here ( of guys I didnt know ) I dont do that anymore, especialy the guys with kids. I now seek out new friends that have allready made the bike choice themselves. Dont take life for granted and take stupid risks, stupid hurts.
Every day at work, I'm unfortunate to see the remains of what once was a innocent family, destroyed by some idiot that has no resect for other road user and other peoples lives. This began to get to at one point. It saddens me to know there are some of us that just don't care.

Just the other night, I attended a crash where a young guy had stolen a motorcycle and took off down a fast moving highway, only to lose control at about 110mph straight into the path of a car causing a 5 car pile-up. 3 deaths, 2 in serious condtion and a lot of cost in repairs. Only to find out he didn't even survive. Not only that but he taken the life's of a very young family with him...........

I just leaves me to say... it's not always the big bikers that cause accidents, most of us know about the dangers, it's those who don't that I fear for. Be Safe and beware of those people. Enough said..
You are very true Mike. My wife did not like me getting a bike because they are dangerous so some of the things I promised her was that I will always wear gear and get some life insurance!
This is the sole reason why I say a prayer everytime I get on my bike. This a note that is duly taken. Thanx again for that moment of reflection.

Man I do the same thing Brian....when we go out and ride curves I always stop and bow my head......but life insurance helps too.

Very good thoughts guys and just be safe......don't push the envelope too often. And remember who loves you.......Him.
You could always do like I am, buy a busa set it in the garage and then not ride it because you are too busy.. This way I get to tell everyone how fast it is and my family is still happy.
Hey mikeyusf,
Thanks for addressing such an important and crucial part of our riding career when most of us would rather just pack it in the back of their minds. I unfortunately, had the unpleasant experience of having to attend two funerals. One was 33yrs old, his name was Ethan and another rider friend Corey, he was 25yrs old, both were killed in a single vehicle accident leaving the insurance company suspicious of whom should they should blame. Anyways to make a long story short...they were both sued even though they are dead. They family devasated by all this..the lost of their sons and now the lawsuit. I'm glad you posted this thread to remind us that we ride responsibly for ourself and our well-being but for our loved ones. So that we don't leave them with a pile of s*** to deal with. I just recently helped a young girl name Jenny Lee put her life together. She lost a leg after a short ride with her new boyfriend. She was only visiting Vancouver, no medical insurance, new boyfriend, and worse first time on a bike. Well, she now struggling with the consquences of having no insurance. Her boyfriend had no insurance and she has none. No leg, no one, and no money. It's a sad story but it's true. So becareful gang, It only takes that little twist of the wrist to lose it all. Sorry if I'm babbling. Thanks again.
Wear protective gear, slow down, and ride responsibly and most important...watch out for those cars!!!
Fully support everything said so far! What an important aspect which is often overlooked.

Think before you twist!!

Yes watch out for other vehicles too.