tail of the dragon pics

ended up riding just about 800miles and 19hours in one day.. had a blast! ended up riding through cherokee, maggie vally, ashville, murphy, and into TN. if anyone has ever been, i HIGHLY recommend you go. there is nothing else like it. 318 curves in 11 miles and the views are breath taking










???Only one knee puck???
Are you riding nascar style :laugh:
lol... well it was my first time ever getting the bike over that far and i am more comfortable doing right turns :) i had 2 but i only put on one that way i woudn't be temted. not as much room for error in a left turn :) i'll have full leathers next time i go hopefully


The pics are great and the scenery is beautiful! I think the Dragon is one place I will definetly hit on my summer vacation next year. :thumbsup:


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Them are some very nice pics, :thumbsup: did you drag your plastics any? It looks like you are raling them corners, nice. :thumbsup: That sure is a fun place to go isnt it.


You've got brass nutts to ride that far over in jeans and no gloves...ha ha. Isn't it funny how sometimes you just feel more comfortable dragging a knee on one side of the bike and on the other side it just feels a little uncomfortable? Beautiful pics...and I would only make one suggestion on that beauty...you need to polish the underside of your bike so that when her sweetness shows her belly again for pro pics we won't see how badly you have neglected her...:laugh: this is just technical bs but your head should be more to the inside of the curve...ie...completely to the right of the windshield on a right hand sweeper...but i want to compliment you on your style...you got some great pics there...2hip
Dude, We were at the same exact spots that you stopped 2 weeks ago. I couldn't lean my bike like you did, Wife on the back and she would have killed me, It truly is a beautiful place nothing like that in the whole world. I rode with 3 buddies on cruisers also. I cannot wait to go back. thanks for sharing.

6-23-2009 7-43-45 AM.jpg

6-23-2009 7-42-34 AM.jpg

6-23-2009 7-54-54 AM.jpg


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Looking good! Recommend real riding gear (leathers) if you are gonna ride the dragon like that (lots of accidents on that road). How was the traffic over the holiday weekend?

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