tail of the dragon 3rd-4th

meeting friday morning around 6am. going to ride around the mountains and end up at the tail of the dragon. ride back saturday morning. anyone else want to go? as of now its just me and a buddy with a harley

going to meet friday morning in pittsboro for breakfest at 6am. leave by 6:30. take 40 to ashville, get on the parkway and take the parkway to 74 i believe it is.

anyone in?

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
I'm heading up that way on Fri. myself, just making a day of it though. Hope to be at the dragon at the fall bash.
thanks... we are going to try to make it back friday night so we dont have to get a room. anyone want to meet up and ride with us? weather looks great

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
Yeah, I might be headed that way after all. A group of harley riders from work are leaving out at 6 am for a day trip. They plan on doing the loop, I'm hoping to join them. My wife is alittle under the weather so I hate to leave her.

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
My wife gave me the thumbs up so I'll be headed that way too. Probably be in Hickory around 7. What time you think you will pass thru?
my computer messed up so i wasn't able to get on to check the post. we left at 6m.. passed though hickory at around 9. rode the dragon, went to cherokee and maggie vally. had a BLAST at the dragon. got home at 1am this morning.. ended up being 753 miles. seen one guy off in the ditch 5miles before we even made it to the dragon.. that place aint no joke!

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
Yeah, we had a blast. I got home before 8 pm with a total of 515 miles. Run into another member at the crot, hotrod rick, super nice guy. We rode the loop, so i was able to hit all the good roads :thumbsup: That skyway was built for the busa, maybe they could see the future when they built that road:beerchug:

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