Tail end mod

Well, I think I'm fairly ready to get rid of that snow-shovel out back.

What do most of you guys do? Kits? Homemade solution with a dremel? I want to keep the turn signals (not lookin to get harassed by cops) but would love to reduce that huge plastic fender.


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Cut the fender completely off, smooth to the undertail. Remove the stock turn signals, cut matching holes into the outside part of the undertail and re-install the signals there. Use two metal brackets and bend them to install the plate. Done right, you won't be disappointed.



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Did mine with a dremel and sandpaper and finished with a heat gun just be careful on the cut. Also istalled a smaller set of signals from LP. - LOOKS WAY BETTER
I wouldnt worry about losing your turn signals. I have been riding with no turn signals for 2 years now and never been stoped for it. And when I was stoped for other things (like going way to damn fast) they never even mentioned it.


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im my case I have a kit but I dont like it so Im getting the Texas Fairing kit to replace it with. Also did a tail light intergation kit that morphed the turn signal in with the stop lights, very nice and when you put L.E.D. bulbs in place of the 1157`s the light is very bright and nice.

I have a very close budy that is a dealer for texas fairing and opening a shop with in the month, so if you have any needs let me know and Ill see what I can do for ya or anybody else on the board, Im gona post the shop name and number in a couple of days so people can start callin.

When I get my kit intstalled Ill take pics and post them to lett you see how it looks



I have the top gun undertail. But I like how Narcissus's looks. That looks real good and it would be cheaper. I wanted the different tail lights though.
Yo Rich check out DIAMOND LIGHTS, tail lights with intergrated turn signals all BRIGHT ASSS LED's. Hook up with your already installed turn signals on the extreme gunnport and end up with a wig-waging right turn signal or left turnsignal. THe wig wag will be between the yellow LED's in the brake light and the turn signal that came with the undertail. when that side is turned on it goes back and forth on that side only. Looks way sweet and unique. Can wig wag with two relays.


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