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Yo Amigos:

Two buddies and I (including Oscar for those that met him) are planning to ride motorcycles from Las Vegas to Cabo San Lucas, Mehico... Have any of you rode the Baja? I REALLY need some info on this. My original plan was to ride my KTM LC4, but the thought of riding a single cylinder 640 for over 2,000 miles is ass-numbing to say the least. Now, I am thinking seriously about taking my '01 Busa and staying on highway one all the way down. We intend to leave just before X-mas and return sometime after the New Years.

All info would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone wants to join us, please send me an application ASAP.

Note Big O, you REALLY need to go on this trip... imagine the fun with this posse!

Later :drink: :beerchug: :drool: :drink:
Make sure and get some insurance on your bike if you take it across the border! Never been to that part of Mexico before so I don't have alot of info. Last time I went to Nogalaze (?) Check here for some suggestions on traveling to Mexico..... Mexico Tips :)

Don't drink the water??

All i knOw about mexicO...


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This is WEAK. Come on guyz, you know you wanna go. It will mucho el-funno!

Thanks for the link KS.
The company my wife and I get insurance to take our car into Mexico is: Pollard Insurance, PO Box 879, Deming, NM 88031, 1-800-371-2754. We never have had any "problems" with the police when we have gone although you should be ready for military and local police check points for random drug searches. One time the military had a tank parked across the road! When you cross the border you will be given a visitors pass essentially. You will have to stop at a bank and pay the fee for it and get your pass stamped. As far as hwy 1's road quality I couldn't give you a clue. I have never been down that way. You will have to buy a vehicle pass at the border. They have too many people taking cars from the US and selling them down there and they want to stop that. They will want copies of a major credit card at the vehicle pass office. When you re-cross the border you will have to stop at the vehicle pass office and turn in your pass. Have copies of your birth certificate and drivers liscense with you. You will need them at the border. Probably not a bad idea to cary a couple extra copies with you. One thing to watch out for is your liscense plates. Sometimes they will dissapear off your vehicle and majiocally appear at the police station where you have to pay a fee to get them back.

That's all I can think of right off. Let me know if you have anyy questions.
I haven't ridden to Cabo but flew in there last summer. It's a great place... not too big and not too crowded with tourists(yet). We rented a car and drove north about 40 miles. The road was decent at that end. I did see some American Harleys and a BMW in Cabo. If low-slung Harleys can get there undamaged, you guys should be fine. I spoke to the BMW rider and he said the road was "pretty good" or words to that effect. Also, unless you have certain mods that require higher octane fuel, your Bus should run fine on 87 (if there is a scarcity of 89, 92, etc. I think I would have to take a HEAVY chain to lock that bike down even if staying in a classy hotel. Good luck!!!
dont forget the sombrero but not sure if you can keep it on while riding like a big parachute .... hehe :eek:
Sorry I didn't respond earlier Doc, my computer is having problems on the web (still)

As far as taking my'Busa across the border, ...I don't think so.
Too risky
Thanks guys, I am back to thinking of riding the KTM.

I heard that credit card/pass thing was only for the main land and not the Baja due to the tourism stuff...?

Again, thanks for the info.

Big O: Buy a rat bike and tag along... sheeeeit, you can ride my TLR if I still have it.