Switch on right handle bar

Don Hardcastle

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The pin the keeps this assy from rotating has broken off, not just the end of it but part of the side of the switch housing, (no damage to the outside of the switch). It was this way when I bought the bike. I have taken the switch apart and superglued it back together. I will let it sit overnight before I mess with it again. Hopefully this will fix it.

Has anyone else had this problem, if so, how did you fix it?

I haven't faced the problem - however, my quick and dirty fix would involve drilling a hole through from the outside of the housing and inserting the shank of a shortened nail (I'm guessing a 4-penny or 6-penny?) then epoxying the head of the nail to the outside of the housing.

My long-term solution would be to purchase another housing (used, of course) from a member here.

Interesting thought, though....


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