Switch installation for cooling fan.

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    Hi there, I just wanted to share an idea to you all.
    I recently installed a switch on my cooling fan so whenever I want i can switch it on.
    It's easy to do and with this step by step guide you'll be able to do it yourself.
    Just buy a on/off switch at any store.
    Then gen a piece of electric cable and strip the to ends (total four ends).
    then just cut a piece of the wire that goes to the termostat on your radiator.(it's on the left side on the top corner of your radiator.
    Then you tie the electric cable one end to the plus side and one end to the negative side.
    Then you also attach the other two ends of the electric cable to your on;off switch.
    Remember to use electric tape to avoid short circuit.
    Just make a smaal whole wherever you want the switch to be and screw the swicth on it.
    This way if you know you driving in town of in the city you can easily turn on your cooling fan on your command to avoid overheating.
    It normally goes on automaticly but some times it takes too long to go on.
    Hope I've help solve at least one problem to anyone out there.
    Greetings and have a good day. :thumbsup:
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    Relocated out west
    I've installed a switch for this purpose and it is effective as mentioned. I use it occasionally during backed up traffic during hot days. It was really nice during a toy run when the parade was crawling....

    It helps take the edge off.......


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