sw33t chromed and flamejob busa at stuntwars


I saw this busa at stuntfest in lakeland over the weekend. This bike is just gorgeous. Take a look

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here is a better picture of the detail work. This bike was beautiful

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I like it! I've always been a fan of flames on a vehicle, if they're done right.
Looks nice! My buddy has an awsome paint job on his, let me see if I can find a picture and I'll post it .
Maybe you might want to quick edit those images and blur his license plate? Just a thought.
That does look pretty cool. Who ever painted it did a nice job.
That confirms it. I don't want flames on my bike! I like that one, I just don't want it on mine.

How many of you would want flames on their bikes? Actually I will start a new thread on that.
My bike will look like that in a few days, but without the flames. Boy, mods are expensive huh?