suzuki gel seat


what's everyone's opinion on the aftermarket suzuki oem gel seat for the 08 busa. Is it much more comfortable than stock, does it sit u at the same height on the bike.
It takes a lot of braking in but I do find it more comfortable on longer trips than the std seat , it sits you about 10 mm higher
Yes they take some breaking in. They also get a hot if you live in a really hot climate and you leave it sitting out for long periods of time. Your ass will be on fire! Off topic, I have one used for a couple of weeks before I got my custom done. PM if interested.
so is it more comfortable than stock, i had a suzuki gel seat on my 750 and it was quite a bit more firm, but actually more comfortable
more confortable :whistle::whistle::whistle:

not for me :poke:

i'm now with my original seat ! bye bye suzuki gel seat USA :moon:

Mine came with both, it was a condition on the sale. I have put 1600 miles on my seat. I am only 175 so I don't know if I have it broken in yet. I did find I still only have 50 mile butt. but I don't have alot of natural padding.
I've tried the stock, a Corbin, now a Gel seat. Next will be a Tobin. I ride long distances and still have to get off the bike after an hour or so due to "numb bum". This is on an '08.
FYI the Corbin is like a rock. I tried to break it in as recommended, for over 1,000 miles- still rock hard.
sweet carbon...

above me...

and about seat, i read many reviews for he gel seat rather than against... but never ended up buying since i live in a hot area and redeye explained precisely what happens!
im 225 and love my gel, it is alot more comfy than the stocker, short or long rides, dont matter.