Suzuki centerstand


Decided to get the centerstand. I like the idea of being able to clean/lube the chain on the road (also had one on my previous bike and got used to having it).
So I plunk down $100 at my local dealer and decided to install it myself. BIG MISTAKE! I guess I am not as mechanically inclined as I had hoped. :devil:
I did not realize that you need to completely dismantle the bike to install this thing! It took me about 3 hours! I guess I should have looked up some previous posts for tips.
Anyway, it is on and works very nicely. The big bonus is that I didn't break anything! :super:
I got mine installed by the dealer when I bought my bike (half price and free install because they sold me the bike and then told me it had a recall against it so I had to wait until I could take delivery of it :mad: .)  It has been well worth it especially last weekend when I had to do a road side chain adjustment. :eek: The mechanic was very upset with it because it is a pain to install and the salesman forgot to tell him to install it before he had the bike almost all back together. :laugh:
The instructions are pretty crappy also. I guess having a well lit garage with the right tools and a lift would have made it easier. Oh yeah, did I mention that I usually dont do my own work and have never taken fairings off of a bike? This was very nerve racking. Didn't want to scratch any paint. :alcoholic:
After installing aftermarket exhaust, the center stand has make way for it. The stand was knocking on the header..... :sad:
if you install center you get to leave side stand on too? I know...dumb question...
I got my centre stand when i purchase my bike as i make sure that the shop which sell me the bike install the centre for me free of charge and of cause the stand is free too (kekeke). It is a great thing to have the stand man, when you wash your bike and lube the chain too and 1 more thing it does good to your front fork suspension too. When you mount the bike on main centre the front fork suspension is eventually balance at the same weight equally instead when u parked with side stand the left fork suspension tend to have more pressure with the weight. :super: