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I only have 90 miles on my '09. Am curious about the suspension adjustments. I am 6', 210 lbs, what would be the proper settings for the suspension? No track days intended for the time being, just a good setup for the street and some twisties. If someone with experience could give me some base numbers, I would appreciate it.

Tonight, I was on the freeway running around 90 and when I lifted off of the throttle, it felt like the rear end was very light (not using brakes at all)
Maybe it was just me, but it felt a little wierd back there. I am used to a heavy cruiser that feels planted to the road.

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without track days on the slate? what are you looking for, comfort or handling?

I have been rudely awakened to just how far apart a track day setup and a "mild mannered" street bike setup are..

Street setups are inherently soft and compliant.. Track day? fairly stiff to adsorb braking and cornering forces without bottoming out..

Another issue I have not seen fully addressed here that was a BIG deal on track setup is "synchronization" of the front to rear suspension rates..

With the bike straight up and down, the rider stands on the pegs and bounces his weight down on the bike.. suspension should pretty much compress and rebound at the same rates (together) From there, you start tuning to personal preference or track conditions.. (there is a bunch of stuff on how to read tire wear for compression, rebound and spring rates, I am still buried trying to understand all the nuances)

If you want comfort, soften springs (more sag), reduce compression and rebound rates to what feels nice and plush..

I guess in short on the street, what kind of ride do you want?


Thanks to all. I called Lees and they said to come by during the week and they would do a setup for $38.00. Thanks BusaBlue for the heads up.
Suspension gives me a headache too............

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