suspension setting for drag w/ extensions


i have put some swingarm extensions on my busa. they are at 5in over stock. before the ext. i had the bike all the way lowered 3in back and strapped in front. when i put the ext. on i had to raise the back up 1in b/c the rear tire was touching the inside of the fender.

1. i dont know much about setting the suspension on my bike. right now it is set at the stock settings. my problem is when i launch, the bike grabs until around the 60ft before i need to shift into second at about 8-10k rpm it lets loose and spins. i know where the settings are on the back spring, i just dont know which does what and how to set them.

2. also i havent been using the front strap because i havent been i need to anyway?

3. also would it be better for me to find a way to get the back lowered back to 3in. or does it matter? i looks like i would have to cut the inner fender out.

thanks for any help
The best setting for the rear is compression as soft as you can get it. Turn the dampening force as high as you can. You want the bike to squat but not rebound. I would also keep the front lowered because it makes it more rigid. THe less flex you have the more power you can put down.