Suspension problem or air pressure problem?


I have a 01 busa and was wondering if anyone had suggestions. I put air up to 42 psi like manual says. Bike rode very bouncy. I feel everything on road. Mind you bike is lowered and stretched. My airbagged s10 was never this bouncy and that sat on frame. So I adjusted tire air pressure on bike and then bike felt squirely on hard take off from light. So then I put air pressure up a hair, now its bouncy again. Wtf
Try only putting 35 psi front and back. Remember that once the tires heat up so does the tire pressure
as you up tire pressure its not uncommon to need to back off the compression damping and up rebound a click or 2.
Yes, what they said,,, The tires don't bounce like a basketball, it's the suspension that's giving the uncomfortable ride.