suspension for 2 up riding


what do you guys have your suspension at for riding with a passenger??? , i know the suspension sucks , so should i just crank everything up to firm ?? thanks ...


I left mine stock and haven't had a problem. I don't ride hard especially with a passenger. Wish I had a pro like Scar Or Tufbusa Or Bogus to ride mine and help me tune it but I live just a tad to far away. One Day I'll make it to the Bash and maybe they will be so kind as to ride it and give me some pointers.


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I still have my rear stock, but have give the front a couple more clicks on comp. and about 4 more clicks rebound. works good so far. :thumbsup:


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That's a bit much for the stock suspension. You can add a bunch of preload and compression which may help, but you should respring/revalve if you spend alot of time 2 up.


i ride with a passenger a lot, im 155 and my girl is 98, is stock setting ok for us ? i set up my bike real stiff for myself before we started riding together, now i think its little too stiff because shes airborne after a big pothole or a bump on the road, so i thought of returning the bike to stock settings.


- Kons
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