Surprise Surprise!

I had a 2001 1000 and it rocked!. Bought a 2003 Busa and it feels slow compared to the "rocket". I guess its cause it is so big and doesn't want to wheelie in the first three gears!!. For bigger riders, (in my opinion) the big busa is a better fit and more comfortable. For all out knee-draggers, the 1000 is definetly the way to go. Both are great bikes.

No surprise there...when I was really researching bullet bikes, every magazine had the GSX-R 1000 on the cover...tons of articles about it...

I sat on one...for what I was looking for, the Busa was it!
No surprise .... the bike is an awesome street and track weapon. And every magazine I've seen has raved about it since it came out, and with increased power and handling its only competitor was last years 1000