Superbyke done, waiting for dyno time.


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Do you have any idea what it's like to have this thing complete but be unable to ride it?! We must wait for a very special turbo tuner to be available for dyno time. Scott (Isiahstites) has done such a superb job on the final assembly. I stand starring at it and virtually each part of this motorcycle has it's own story, where it came from, how it was talked about then altered and how it integrates with the rest of the motorcycle. Although I'm the farthest person from being a custom v twin owner, I now have a newfound respect for what they do with their creations!

I was at Scott's house for a bicycle ride and had to snap a couple of pics when walking through the shop. Riding impressions are coming! Doyle


you must be like a little kid, DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS. It's just killing you, waiting for the first ride. Looks like it will be worth the wait. :thumbsup:
you are going to have so much fun on that bike!!! :beerchug:
Looks horrible. Better give it to me to avoid possible embarrassment... Lol