Superbike school report


Attended my long awaited lessons june 3 and 4. Took the busa but it rained both mornings so I opted to ride their 6R's.
The track was dry (miraculously) both days by 11:00.

Lessons are taught in short modules followed by a track session. Your riding instructor follows you awhile then pulls in front and indicates that you should follow while giving you hand signals from the previous module. They then discuss each ride immediately afterwards. Then on to the next session.

Kieth Code's teaching technique was initially hard to follow for me. As the 2 days progressed however, I convinced myself to simply listen and trust what has been taught to countless students before me.The resulting focus allowed me to perform on the track the exercise he had described. The riding instructors will also pull you in from time to time and discuss a particular concern then send you back out and watch you again. The upshot of all this is that by the end of 2 days my speed and confidence had increased by a margin I never would have expected (quite literally). The riding instructors are very helpful and have a very easy yet direct manner about them. They gradually encourage you to take the next step.

Now, I'll tell you I am a conservative rider but the results were such a noteable improvement and incredible blast I will undoubtedly return. Good cross section of all ages and all abilities. My only recommendations would be to take 2 days rather than one - it familiarizes you with the track and the second day was when the revelations occured (for me - a rank beginner). Also, I will continue to use their bikes since the 750.00 deposit wouldn't begin to cover the damage from one crash on my own bike. Plenty of people brought their own however - one other busa - he rode his.
(Second to last lap on the last day I went off the track on a 90 but was able to hold it - shouldn't have been looking at the outside rumble strip.)

They are very nice folks that run a highly organized operation.
That's a great post, I've wondered myself if Keith Code's school was half as good as they want it to appear on their website. It sounds like they are.

Is there anything you were *not* satisfied with, that you'd like to see them change to improve?

Also, are the lessons applicable to road riding, or are most of the benefits realized on a closed-course setting?
Nothing I was really dissappointed with, other than by the end of the first day I felt somewhat defeated. My personal demons were tight forearms and target fixation or not looking far enough around the corner. On the second day when these 2 concepts sunk in (knock on wood), there was an enormous improvement in speed and attitude. It was like it just finally clicked and they had me cornering beyond anything I imagined. As far as street applicablility, I realized everything I was doing incorrectly on the track, I was also doing on the road. Keith has an uncanny way of bringing you in for the next session just when you think you've pretty much got it and points out another common rider error and I'll be damned if I wasn't doing exactly that. The most beneficial aquisition is unquestionably confidence, which I believe makes (me) safer on the track and street.

I just might look them up this fall.