superbike championship


What blue lights?
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Last race is later today, anyone have prediction? Mladin is ahead in points by 30 to Yates. Seemed to have some slight mech problems yesterday, getting little puffs of smoke from exhaust when he downshifted ended up finishing 4th. Still has a very comfortable lead though.

Barber is a helluva track, might just need to do a track day there next summer's been a killer season...Yates wanted it bad.....but Mladin wanted it more and so it goes.
Lot's of fun watching some of the it should be... ;)
Well, Mladin has his fourth...Congratulations are due...
Will there be another airing of the race? I tried to take my lunch today during the race so I could see some of it but I got a call (snake on the side of a house) and had to leave before it came on. Anyone got it on tape?

Only racin' I actually got to see was about three minutes of the wet start to the 600 Supersport race. :mad:

Don't keep us in suspense. Are we all safe from "side-of-the-house snakes" :eek:

It always starts with one. Nip IT. NIP IT IN THE BUD!!!:D